The Numolux Group

The Numolux Group

Utilizing strategic collaborations

To achieve positive, sustainable impact on health, food, and energy security – specifically within SADC and BRICS countries

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Numolux Energy
Numolux Energy

South Africa is in the midst of a power crisis. Eskom's ageing infrastructure, reduced reliability and the significant
gap in power generation capacity and demand has left the country susceptible to rolling blackouts.

Numolux Botoka Fuels

At Numolux – Botoka Fuels we know that South Africa’s
growth is linked to her ability to adapt –
and realise that there are certain resources that will power this within the economy.

NUMOLUX Agriculture

The South African government estimates that approximately 11 million people in South Africa are food insecure,
and that children are mostly affected by this. More than 20% of children in South Africa suffer from stunting
because of poor nutrition.


Numolux Brincor is a subsidiary of the Numolux Group, which was founded in 2017.
We pride ourselves in delivering excellent levels of security to
individuals, companies and events.

Numolux Health
Numolux Health

The overall state of healthcare in South Africa could certainly improve within its public sector, however, the country is actively trying to overcome decades
of segregation and current practices of de facto discrimination in order to provide high-quality services for all citizens.

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Mental Health and Wellness Webinar


Mental Health and wellness in BRICS & Africa: A Growing Priority


  • To raise awareness and heighten understanding of mental health issues prevalent in BRICS and African Countries
  • To highlight the progress in improving mental health services
  • To discuss innovative treatments, programmes, and best practices in support of mental health and wellness

The Numolux Group

The Numolux Group is a proudly South African, B-BBEE military veterans owned company.

We have highly successful global partnerships, which has set us on course to have sustainable impact on health, food, education and energy security in our country, on the African continent, and around the world. We have a diverse operational portfolio consisting of various business units which provide advanced, profitable and sustainable solutions to public and private sectors across the world.

As a company, we are blessed to be thriving in a time when many have faced turmoil. We acknowledge our responsibility to citizens of the world, Africa and most importantly South Africa – to always do better, be better and give back. The Numolux Group is committed to working alongside government to alleviate the burden of poverty and unemployment – and create positive, sustainable impact on the lives of our brothers and sisters of the African soil. We aim to do this whilst never forgetting the struggles and sacrifices of those who made it possible for us to have the success we have today. The Numolux Group is proud to be a private, black company within the BRICS group of countries. Our highly skilled team has a shared purpose of reaching new heights – by always striving for excellence, and uplifting and empowering not only ourselves – but those around us.

The Numolux Group identifies needs across industries, and creates platforms and offerings for business development and growth in the sectors of:

Clinical research and medical trials


Medicines and medical equipment

Security services

Hospital Infrastructure Development

Import and Export Services


Regulatory Framework services

Our Vision​

To deliver the highest levels of innovative solutions,
service and care to those who need it most.
Arrival of Coronavac in South Africa


We are entering into partnerships with organisations who share our values and ethos, and who want to create meaningful, sustainable impact in various sectors.