The Numolux Group


The Numolux Group partnered with Curanto Pharma in 2021 and established Numolux Curanto Pharma with the purpose of focusing on regulatory and legislative requirements.

Numolux Curanto Pharma has been approved by SAHPRA in 2020 as an Applicant and Holder of the Registration Certificate (Marketing Authorisation Holder). The Director and Deputy Responsible Pharmacist, Mrs Wilma Cerff has a wealth of knowledge and more than 25 years of experience in GMP, regulatory and legislative requirements. Numolux through their South African regulatory representative, Curanto Pharma, received approval from SAHPRA for a section 21 (EUA) for Coronavac, SARS-CoV2 vaccine on 1st July 2021.

Numolux Curanto Pharma, a subsidiary of the Numolux Group, is a specialist pharmaceutical company licensed in terms of Section 22C of the Medicines and Related Substances Act 101 of 1965, with SAHPRA, SAPC and DOH

Numolux Curanto Pharma Electronic Brochure: View and Download

We have practical experience, first-hand knowledge, and a clear understanding of
regulatory requirements in South Africa and other African countries.