The Numolux Group

Numo Meats

On 19 October 2022, Numolux Agriculture launched Numo Meats Abattoir in Ceres Numo Meats, formerly known as Osdam abattoir was previously run by the Department of Land reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) It was vandalised and stripped of it’s machinery.

Within 18 months, the Numolux Group invested nearly R5million into this space to get it fully operational and usher in a new dawn. The opening of Numo Meats created close to fifty jobs in the Witzenberg Local Municipality and the staff had to undergo training in various skills before the launch in order to ensure that work is done effectively to maximize profits. Part of the activities that will be conducted at Numo Meats include slaughtering, deboning, skinning, and cutting of meat. The abattoir is Halaal – certified. It will supply meat to local and international markets.