The Numolux Group

Finding African Solutions for African problems

In the build up to the 2023 BRICS Summit to be held in South Africa, the Numolux Group hosted a symposium in Pretoria (South Africa) on 28 October, which focused on finding African solutions to African health problems. The symposium was well attended by leaders in from the health,
pharmaceutical, clinical research and trials, business, government and academic sectors from Egypt, Zimbabwe, China, India and other SADC and BRICS countries. Numolux Group chairperson and CEO, Col (Ret) Hilton Klein opened the symposium by saying he believes that Africans should be at the forefront of finding solutions and developing life-saving medical devices and treatments, for Africa and her people. “Africa, has an incredible amount of human genetic diversity, which undoubtedly influences responses to pharmaceuticals and vaccines. This diversity must be well- represented in global clinical trials in order for it have any semblance of credibility Business, academia and governments both within SADC and the BRICS community, have much work to do – in order to attain the desired clinical research output. We need to do better, and invest more into the necessary infrastructure and technology which will give rise to innovative healthcare solutions based on specific heath care problems of the people of developing countries. We will work alongside our government, and those of other countries – to alleviate the burden of poverty and
unemployment – and create positive, sustainable impact on the lives of our brothers and sisters of Africa, as well as other SADC and BRICS countries.

At Numolux, we are committed to ensuring the availability, accessibility, affordability, efficacy, safety and equitable distribution of medicines and related products to those who need it most. We believe that the health and wellness of the economically disenfranchised is worth investing in, and
will forge forward to reach our goals related to this. We have started our programme to enter into partnerships with institutions of higher learning, in order that the scope of research can be broadened and skills, transferred. We are excited to announce that we have signed an MOU with the
Faculty of Health of the University of Pretoria and look forward to doing so with other institutions of higher learning as well.”