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Numolux Agriculture

The South African government estimates that approximately 11 million people in South Africa are food insecure, and that children are mostly affected by this. More than 20% of children in South Africa suffer from stunting because of poor nutrition.

70% of all poor people in South Africa live in rural communities and it is they who suffer the most. To help alleviate the burden of food insecurity, we have set up the Numolux Agriculture arm of the Numolux Group.

Numolux Agriculture, a subsidiary of the Numolux Group, has successfully opened a state–of–the–art, fully Halaal abattoir in Ceres, Western Cape, South Africa – called Numo Meats. From our exceptional meat and related products, to our livestock feedlots and our presence in the dairy and cannabis industries – we are committed to improving food security around the globe, with an emphasis on African and BRICS countries


Business Units
• Numo Meats Abattoir

• TBM Meat Distribution Centre and Stores

• Livestock Procurement Unit

• Dairy Farm (Milk powder; long life milk)


Numolux Agriculture Electronic Brochure: View and Download

Through our work in the meat, cannabis and dairy sectors  -  we will be creating much needed skilled and unskilled jobs in the agriculture space

Numolux Agriculture Divisions

Numo Meats

Numo Meats, formerly known as Osdam abattoir was previously run by the Department of Land reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) It was vandalised and stripped of it’s machinery.