The Numolux Group

Numo Energy

As a subsidiary of the Numolux Group, Numolux Energy, has a division named Numo Energy.

This division is committed to building and managing energy solar systems which will be used to generate and distribute renewable solar energy to households, commercial clients and municipalities across South Africa. This will include the procurement, assembling and distribution of solar components to solar installers in across Africa. We envision to be a preferred renewable energy partner which provides innovative technology and solutions in the generation and distribution of renewable energy. The long-term objective of Numo Energy focuses on building solar farms across different provinces in South Africa with a minimum capacity of 100 MW. These solar farms will be built with the intention of connecting
them to the South African national grid.
This objective is aligned to the South African energy mix program, which seeks to transform the South African energy generation strategy from fossil dominated to clean energy.

Numolux Energy Electronic Brochure: View and Download