The Numolux Group


The overall state of healthcare in South Africa could certainly improve within its public sector, however, the country is actively trying to overcome decades of segregation and current practices of de facto discrimination in order to provide high-quality services for all citizens.

Numolux Health is a subsidiary of the Numolux Group. Through various business units, Numolux Health provides advanced and profitable solutions to clinical research, medical trials, medicines, medical equipment, and hospital infrastructure. We are committed to improving the quality of healthcare services and medical research within and outside of South Africa’s borders

We have partnered with local and international companies with the required expertise and personnel to synergistically apply suitable solutions, leading to the desired outcomes


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We are committed to ensuring the availability, accessibility, affordability, efficacy, safety and equitable distribution of medicines and related products to those who need it most.

Numolux Health Sectors

Clinical Research

Clinical trials are essential to evaluate the safety, efficacy, and outcomes of health interventions such as vaccines and other medical treatments, and ultimately contribute to improving health outcomes.


 SAHPRA. CoronaVac is an inactivated Covid-19 vaccine manufactured by Sinovac Biotech (China) the Numolux Group is their South African in-country partner.

Numolux Curanto Pharma

Numolux-Curanto Pharma was formally established in 2021 with the purpose of focusing on regulatory, GMP and legislative compliance requirements for the Numolux Group. 

Numolux Scientific Advisory Council

The Numolux Group has appointed highly skilled, world renowned individuals who are experts in their respective fields to constitute the Numolux Scientific Advisory Council.