The Numolux Group

Brincor Security

Numolux Brincor is a subsidiary of the Numolux Group, which was founded in 2017. We pride ourselves in delivering excellent levels of security to individuals, companies and events. We have a highly professional and dedicated security management team, which provides national support and recruits highly motivated, professional agents from various government agencies.

Our approach is one of Total Project Management combining all aspects of military, government training skills and resources in a comprehensive and competitive package.

Although our employees operate in a military disciplined structure, this security company is not a mercenary organization. Rather, we are an anti-crime unit and highly skilled security services unit. Protecting people during emergencies and managing crises have always been priorities for
corporations and government agencies. But in today’s high-risk environment, their existing plans
may be insufficient. Government agencies, private corporations and events managers are increasingly turning to us for the complete development and implementation of comprehensive crisis management and emergency response plans. We work hand –in- hand with our clients to establish command procedures, train employees, co- ordinate rescue and recovery efforts, keep spaces secure and to keep operations running smoothly.

We are committed providing turnkey solutions and strategies within the security sector, in South African and abroad


To foster a climate of trust, reliability, and accountability to our clients through delivering according
to our promise and service level agreement.


Our vision is to see the company as one of the leading security service providers of cost-effective
security solutions.





Service Excellence

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