The Numolux Group

Launch Of Junior Board

The Numolux group is proud to introduce the Numolux Junior Board and their tremendous
milestones to date.
After a rigorous and intensive search for learners who demonstrate leadership, competence, and excellence in their prospective schools, the Numolux Junior board was established in June 2022. The junior board is made up of 12 board members who were inducted into their roles and given the tools they needed to do their jobs well.
The board was established with the aim of getting fresh and new prospective as well as solutions that are relevant in this day and age. They need to engage and deliberate on current affairs, be forward and solutions driven in their approach and as well as to assist Numolux keeping its finger on the pulse with matters affecting the youth of South Africa. The board has to date already had a significant impact in feedback regarding the impact of covid and the youth as being the young voice that can represent the majority in key matters that directly and indirectly affect the youth. We will be exploring more about the establishment, running and accomplishments of the board as well as give you some insight as to what the overall goal is for this junior board to exist.
Who is the the Junior board

  1. Twelve exceptional high school learners from different schools
  2. Focused on fulfilling objectives and
  3. They are from 3 different provinces
  4. Two of the 12 members attend the meetings virtually
  5. They are diverse and represent all races and genders